Cat Detail Form

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Cat Detail Form




Do you allow human food as tid-bits? YesNo

Does your pet have allergies to particular foods? YesNo


Is it an indoor cat? YesNo

Does it go in and out? YesNo

Is your cat an escape artist? Will it try to bolt out of doors? YesNo

Does your cat enjoy being stoked and brushed? YesNo

Are there favourite toys? YesNo If yes, please specify

Is there a drinking fountain? YesNo

Do you use mains or bottled water? MainsBottled Water

Are there several drinking bowls in the home? YesNo

Is there a cat flap? YesNo

If you require a cat flap to be left open at all times, please complete the disclaimer below.

If you are happy to leave your cat flap open at all times during your absence, please give your permission by signing the box below.
Pals4Pets will not be held responsible for the cats welfare if it stays or gets injured due to cat flap access.


Pals4Pe4ts is guided by veterinary advice with respect to vaccinations and their frequency. For pets to be cared for in their own home, vaccinations are not relevant.

Medical Issues? YesNo

Does your Pet have Veterinary Insurance? YesNo


If your cat(s) need medication of special needs on your absence please give details below: