Pet Sitters Needed

Step 1. Find out More About Paid Pet Sitting Work over Christmas - If you are  not available then, do still apply.

If you love dogs and or cats we have temporary pet sitting jobs and  part-time animal jobs. This is paid work.

Vacancies for pet house sitters, cat boarders, cat sitters and puppy sitters as well as pet sitters who can look after a dog or cat in their home of  homes and or provide doggie day care.  

You might be interested in this as a hobby, an additional income or a part-time job and it is ideally suited to retired people. If you have experience of nursing and can give medication or insulin injections do get in contact.

Just pick up the phone for an informal chat or send us a text or email and we will respond.

Our sitters earn from a few hundred pounds a year to thousands. The more you do and the  more variety of work you are prepared to do, the more you can earn. Naturally our busy time is over bank holidays, school holidays and Christmas, so we do look for people who can commit to some if not all of these times of the year.

Step 2. The Application Form

The form is quick and simple to complete, Your answers will give us an idea as to what you are interested in doing and once received we will contact you to find out more. We will ask you to tell us about pets you have owned. We would want to know if there are breeds you particularly like or dislike.

You might have hidden skills like being able to give pets medication or insulin injections, if not, do not worry. We would not consider you for cat boarding if you already own a cat, and we prefer people to board dogs who do not own one, however if your dog is accepting of dogs in his or her home we would consider you to offer a day care facility.

Step 3.  Home Visit

After the telephone interview, the next stage would be a home visit. We do this for all sitters before they work for us.  This meeting gives you a chance to ask more questions and learn about our procedures. If you wanted to visit clients' homes you would need a basic DBS check and we would need you to provide 2 references.

During the visit we would hope to learn more about your lifestyle e.g. whether you had a garden, are near a park, how secure your flat is for a cat etc., whether you have children at home, care for grandchildren or have vulnerable elderly people visiting. This will help us make sure that we match you with the right kind of pets.

Step 4.  Acceptance as a Sitter

If you are accepted you would be sent a contract  and asked to take part in a free training phone call. Do not worry this is not as daunting as it may sound.  The contract just outlines our expectations of you - i.e. responsibility for any pet that you are looking after for us - and our responsibility to you, which includes insurance, a 24-helpline and  we pay you for assignment we send you on. Every new sitter gets given a Manual which is full of interesting paperwork.

The aim of Pals4Pets is to make sure that you are never on your own.

Step 5.  Enjoy the Pets

Once all the formality is out of the way, we can start to introduce you to clients ‘and their pets. It is not just the dogs and or cats who would become your new friends, but also the clients. Pet owners become very attached to their sitter and many relationships have lasted 10 years or more. 


Pet Sitter Contact Form