Dog Detail Form

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Please download and complete the form if you have more than one pet.

[Dog Detail Form] - Microsoft Word Document


Dog Detail Form




Do you allow human food as treats or add to dry food? YesNo

Does your pet have allergies to particular foods? YesNo


Does your dog need to have direct access to a garden from the home? YesNo

Does your dog have good recall when off the lead? YesNo

Does your dog chase cyclists, runners, cars, rabbits, etc. YesNo

Has your dog ever escaped from your house or somewhere you have taken it? YesNo

If you want Pals4Pets to give your dog off lead exercise in safe areas such as enclosed parks, woods and fields please give your permission by signing the boxes opposite for each dog.

Pals4Pets insurance cannot be held responsible if your dog strays, gets lost, causes an RTA or becomes injured from off lead exercise.

Has your dog(s) been involved in fights with another dog either by instigating the fight or protecting itself? YesNo

Has your dog ever bitten a human? YesNo

Does your pet suffer from anxiety problems if left alone for short periods e.g. whining, barking, scratching, damaging the home? YesNo

Does your dog dig in your garden? YesNo

Do you allow your dog on the furniture? YesNo

Does your dog sleep in your bedroom, on the bed, in a basket/cage etc? YesNo

Does your dog become protective of certain items? e.g. particular toys or food YesNo

Do you trust your dog with children aged 5 upwards? YesNo

House Training

Is your dog fully house-trained? YesNo Fully House-trained: Dogs that do not require any indoor arrangements.


Please describe your grooming routine? Brushing/combing :

Does your dog enjoy being brushed? YesNo

Do you wash your dogs’ eyes on a daily basis? YesNo

Is your dog happy to be hosed, washed, towelled after a muddy walk? YesNo

Do you require the sitter to bath your dog? There will be an extra charge for this service YesNo


Pals4Pets is guided by veterinary advice with respect to vaccinations and their frequency. For pets to be cared for in their own home up to date vaccinations are not necessary.


Medical Issues YesNo

Does your Pet have Veterinary Insurance? YesNo


If your dog(s) need medication of special needs on your absence please give details below: