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Diane was great thanks.

Came home to happy well fed cats.

Thanks again!



We have used Pals4Pets for 16 years now and can say that Monica and her team have always put themselves out for us - doing everything possible to help keep us and our dogs happy and well looked after.

We have sent two of our dogs to the same people for nine years and became good friends, even after they retired.

We have also been helped in emergency situations when we needed help at very short notice.

All in all it has been a wonderful relationship and we look forward to many more years using Pals4Pets.


It was great to have Linda, she very kindly texted us on the first day to confirm that she was there and all was well, and Fishmog definitely preferred to be at home rather than stuck in a cattery.

We'll definitely use your service again. Thank you!

Anastasia Kuchta

Ray treated our dog Coco as his own. I felt very comfortable leaving my princess in such a safe & caring home.

Ray even sent us pictures of her daily while we were on holiday.

We will most definitely use Ray’s services again, and Coco seemed to enjoy her own little holiday.


I just wanted to let you know that we were very pleased with Jeremy.

He took good care of Gypsy and we will be sure to request him again.

Thank you so much


Neko was really well, thanks for everything. It was great to know he was in safe hands and to have the write up afterwards.

Many thanks


Our cats are so crazy about Desna and Anthony from Pals4Pets, they can’t wait for us to go away on holiday again!

Sharlene Birkland

I just wanted to let you know how very pleased we were with the care that Bee provided during our trip to the US. She was so lovely and helpful and clearly loves animals! The cats were crazy for their “Auntie Bee” and she sent me email updates occasionally throughout my trip which were a great reassurance.


Thanks, Monica. As I always ask if Tracy Dunn can have Lily when I go away, this speaks for itself. The dog is beside herself with joy when we approach the house at the start of my holiday, and although she is happy to see me when I return, she does not show the absolute ecstasy that previous dogs have shown when collected from kennels. I always take home a very happy dog (which weighs about the same as when I left her, so no moping). I have never had a bad sitter from you though.

Well done.


Not sure what we’d do without you and your lovely carers!


I highly prize the service and care my son Alpha receives.

Luis Alarcon

Thank you so much Jeremy for all your help! We've really appreciated not having to worry about our two rascals while away as we knew you were looking in on them.


I just wanted to thank you for the great work you and Linda are doing, it means a lot to us that thanks to Pals4Pets, we can go on holiday knowing that our boys are safe and happy.


Sam, as always, had a great time with Nicola and Jeremy.


Thank you so much for looking after Hugo and Matilda so well. We have just returned home after a lovely break and it is nice to know that our beloved cats are in good hands while we are away.


Pals4Pets came through when I needed someone to watch my cockapoo on short notice. She stayed with Kate and Eve, who provided a home away from home for our Ebony. She was happy and well cared for and I highly recommend them.


We've been so fortunate to build up a "supply" of wonderful dog sitters through Pals4Pets and we are so grateful for this.


One of my colleagues recommended Pals 4 Pets when we were trying to figure out what to do with our cat over Christmas a year or so ago. We could not be more pleased with the service. We have used Pals 4 Pets numerous times, both for our cat to do a home-stay, as well as for her to be fed at home. The people that she has been matched up with have been consistently excellent and it is clear they really love what they do. Furthermore, they have shown real affection for our cat and it is likely that the cat gets far more attention staying with her very kind P4P hosts than she usually gets. She now has a number of dedicated fans across London, all of whom seem very happy to see her return when we are off on holiday!

It has taken so much of the stress out of holiday planning and we recently contacted Pals 4 Pets when we were having construction done on our home at short notice and they continue to deliver. It is a perfect supply and demand relationship which is very effectively and professionally handled by the Pals4Pets team and if we didn’t have a full-time cat ourselves, we would be honoured to host pets from time to time in the future. Many many thanks!

Jennifer Band

Canela passed away in October at the age of 16 and half.

Thanks for the services Pals4Pets provided when she was younger -- she loved her carers and we have recommended your company to other pet owners.



I could tell you about how professional, reliable, and caring Pals4Pets have always been. But the simple fact is my cat Grommet loves them, and that’s all I need to know!


The best service I have ever had...in particular Annie, the person who looks after my cat and dog...contact me if you need a reference.


Thank you for all the support over the years, and particularly Karina, the last few visits whilst Courage was ill.

Steve and Gillian